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by taz
Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:05 pm
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Topic: Why Use A Maintenance Records Chart
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Why Use A Maintenance Records Chart

Below is a simple chart to print and put on your furnace to help remind you when maintenance is due on your all your heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Not only will this chart act as a reminder of when work is required, but it will also serve as a record of what was done and when the work was done to any of the equipment.

Recording any work done to your equipment may help you determine if a particular piece of your system is not lasting as long as it should or serve as a simple record which will help you remember when the last time you did work to, or had something done to your system.

Examples of how this could be -
  • When was the last time that I changed my air filter? After you have recorded a number of filter changes you will start to see a pattern and then mark the approximate date to change the filter again on your calendar
  • When was the last time that I changed the water in my humidifier and added water treatment? Very Important.
  • When the last service done to my furnace / air-conditioner, ventilation? Have your service technician record all work that was done, including the date.
  • When did I start up my furnace / air-conditioner last year?
Most people just want their heating / cooling systems to work and not worry about it, but at some time, that equipment that you are relying on will need to be looked at for some reason or another.

If you are finding a greater frequency of repairs on certain items or to the entire system, it will be easy to see the frequency of those repairs on the chart. By recording all work that was done, allows you to forget about it after the work has been completed or helps you determine if it is time to change the equipment because of it's age or frequency of repairs.

Print this chart and put it in a plastic sleeve (for protection), then post it on the side of your furnace or on the wall near the furnace. Record everything that is done to your heating, ventilation and cooling systems no mater where in your house or business the work took place. If you have multiple pieces of equipment print a chart for each one.

For you building managers, operators and mechanics, place a sheet at each piece of equipment. Developing a history for your equipment is an important tool for troubleshooting today's problems.

by taz
Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:01 pm
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Topic: Humidifier Start Up Tip
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Humidifier Start Up Tip

If you live in a colder climate it’s that time of year to turn on that humidifier. Remember to make sure it is clean, before you get it going. If you have a drum type humidifier then you should also add a conditioner to the water in the pan. Remember to record the start up on your HVAC * Maintenance...
by taz
Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:00 pm
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Topic: Filter Tips
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Filter Tips

Filters - Ok folks it’s may be time to check that filter in your furnace, fan, or roof top unit. Don’t just put any old filter in there; use a good quality filter like a pleated filter. 3M has some good quality filters and you can most likely get them in any hardware store. For your commercial units...
by taz
Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:56 pm
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Start up your Air Conditioner in 10 steps or less. Since you've taken the time to find this, I bet you can start your air conditioner in 10 steps yourself. First off let me dispense of a myth. Every spring I am asked to recharge the refrigerant in my friend’s air conditioners. Truth be told, refrige...
by taz
Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:54 am
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Topic: Best HVAC Size?
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- Best HVAC Size?

There are also many online calculators that can be used without downloading software.


Also, here is a very good -