Any opinion on Goodman heat pumps?

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Any opinion on Goodman heat pumps?

Post by tarawa » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:52 pm

A contractor has proposed Goodman heat pumps for a friends house. They are a 2 ton and 4 ton 16 SEER SSZ16 units. I know the question of how good the Goodman units are has been asked before. Generally I hear the thickness of the sheet metal may not be as great as the better known brand units, but the parts and the manufacturing quality control are good. And also that you must have a competent installer, but this is true of any brand.

The SSZ16 has an impressive list of features, such as; sound blanket, filter drier, suction line accumulator, compressor short-cycle protection, liquid-line filter drier, high capacity muffler, high and low pressure switches, service valves, copper tube coil, etc. See the SSZ16 complete spec sheet on Goodman's website.

What is the current opinion on the Goodman 16 SEER SSZ16 heat pumps with scroll compressors? What is its overall reliability? Is this heat pump missing features of comparable better known brands?


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- Any opinion on Goodman heat pumps?

Post by 4ftBanger » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:33 am

It wasn't really that long ago when there was a significant difference in quality between the "big 4" and other manufacturers. Carrier, Trane, York and Lennox were rated far above everyone else in quality, reliability and efficiency. However, the engineering has been shared and what used to be the lesser brands have borrowed technology and improved their products to compete.

My general advice to owners now is not to compare brand names, but focus on efficiency, length of warranty, and local availability of parts. The last one can be important and is most often overlooked. I've had 2 instances in the last few months where customers had to wait more than 7 days to get a replacement part from a manufacturer because it wasn't available locally.

Goodman is a very popular brand and is backed by a strong warranty. They offer a very reasonably priced extended warranty program that is exactly like the full parts and labor program that Trane offered in the 1990's.

A salesman might share a statistic that "Technicians work on more Goodman products than any other brand" to hint that they are unreliable. I believe that there are just many more Goodman units in the market because they are the common choice for homebuilders. Goodman's overall expected lifespan may however be a bit shorter. I will admit that I've never repaired a Goodman unit that was over 15 years old.
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- Any opinion on Goodman heat pumps?

Post by Ken » Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:48 pm

Make sure the evap coil is aluminum in air handlers not cooper,goodman had a problem with leaking coils,problem was is the copper provider ,most of the evap coils have changed,I have installed a lot of goodman units over the past 4 yrs an have had problems with leaking coils from 15seer package units to 13 seer split heat pumps, I would purchase a system with the best warranty .there r some good warranties out there,I would recommend purchasing a labor warranty also, most units come with 10yr on parts, Also, a system is only as good as its installation,sizing ductwork is critical on new high eff units.if your ductwork is over 10 yr old replace it also

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