Heat Pump/Air Handler Tripping Breaker

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Heat Pump/Air Handler Tripping Breaker

Post by Christmas10 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:21 pm

I`m hoping you may be able to give me some insight. I have a HEIL HVAC heatpump. The breaker keeps tripping. It started about 4 months ago, at the end of the summer while still running the AC. We discovered the compressor heater had gone out & we replaced it & all seemed to be fine. When it we began running the heat in the cooler weather, it started doing the same thing. The breaker tripped a couple of times & ran fine, didn`t do it again until today. Now, it is also tripping the breaker when we put it on auxilary heat. My husband disconnected the wires that kick the heat pump on & the auxilary heat is on & not throwing the breaker. The air handler is pulling 38 amps which is confusing because we believe it`s only a 30amp breaker. Our outside unit is a (2 1/2 ton) HEIL 2008 model & we replaced the air handler earlier this year ,it`s a Grand Air model.

Please let ma know if you have any ideas at all, this is all very scary to me.

Jennifer Cooley
Anderson, S.C.

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