Frozen (ICE) Jams Condesor Fan and Ramifications on HeatPump

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Frozen (ICE) Jams Condesor Fan and Ramifications on HeatPump

Post by PSeabreeze » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:46 pm

GPH 1536M41 package unit heat pump / AC.
Major and Unusual snow blast in Atlanta. I switched the unit to emergency heat.
As the snow storm progressed, I ran the Emergency Heat Electric Strip.
The temperature is now above 30 degrees and I decided to switch it over
to Heatpump mode. However, I forgot that Ice had formed on the condensor fan blades
effectively "Freezing" Up. After about 5 mins of running, I realized what was going
on and I shut off the units.
I have now poured water over the fan blades and the condesor fan turns freely.
However, In heatpump mode the fan is not turning.
1) Is their a breaker for the Condensor Fan?
2) Did I blow the Condensor Fan?
3) Any other suggestions???

My heatpump

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- Frozen (ICE) Jams Condesor Fan and Ramifications on Heat

Post by juster » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:13 pm

Hopefully you turned the power off while you were defrosting. Maybe you tripped the breaker.
If you were running with the fan frozen you could have tripped the internal overload. After it cools down it may run again.
Did you get your fan running?

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