Custom dc air conditioner

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Custom dc air conditioner

Postby jbl » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:59 am

Please help.I live in Las Vegas were the summers are very hot.I am trying to build a 24V(scooter motors,solar panels) air conditioner.I already have the parts from a Ford Expedition(r134 compressor,2 evaporators,condenser,lines,etc).Olso I build a solar dish and I have a 250-300F constant fluid temperature in the heat exchanger(hydraulic oil).My question is if I am adding this heat exchanger between the compressor and condenser,it will help?The temperature in the heat exchanger is low,is high?And I want to cool the condenser with water(evaporative cooler).Maybe to replace the compressor with a refrigerant feed pump(organic rankine cycle)?Thank you!
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