Refrigeration - reducing power bill

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Refrigeration - reducing power bill

Post by Marbig » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:03 pm

Hi all. I've just joined this forum in hope someone can give me some advice. My wife and I have opened up a small grocery store. Have three chest type freezers, two new that we bought and one we already had at home which we brought in. Not very old and working well. In fact all freezers are working well.
Our problem is power consumption. Our store is open mainly during normal business hours. Freezers are on their own at night, no-one opening and shutting doors.
My question is if we connect the freezers to plug in timers so we can switch them off at night time for a few hours - would that help us reduce our power bill? Or would it not make any difference in that the thermostats kicking in on timer restart would force the freezes to run longer in morning?
Just as an extra mention these freezers are quite full. Turnover of goods is not excessive so temperatures are maintained fairly easily.
Look forward to see what comments might be made.
Thanks -
I might mention we are south west coast of Victoria, Australia. Not really any temperature extremes.

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- Refrigeration - reducing power bill

Post by juster » Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:28 pm

I have not looked into what voltage you use in Australia, but I have used these units on vending and pop machines. Read up on if one of these units may suit your needs. They have worked well for me. Very easy to install small units come programmed to cycle your freezers automatically when there is no movement around the freezers.

- . vendingmiserstore . com

Good luck

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