Carrier Condenser Unit Screwed?

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gimmes name
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Carrier Condenser Unit Screwed?

Post by gimmes name » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:12 pm

Hey guys...

I have a 8 year old 4 ton Carrier 38EZA048300 condenser outside the home. It has a GE K5CP39EGS070S fan motor (this is the new part number. 1/4 HP 1100RPM)

2 days ago the A/C temperature started to hit 85-87 degrees. When I went out to the condenser unit, I realized a periodic clicking sound. Fan was not moving. It sounded like the compressor was trying to kick in? I don't know what that sound is.

I open up access to the capacitor area, and find a gecko fried dead by one of a yellow wire going to the capacitor. I didn't realize the breaker was on and attempted to move the dead gecko when i heard a BIG SNAP!. My screwdriver is demented and the breaker tripped (no big deal?). I must have shorted voltage to ground? (This particular yellow wire goes from the capacitor to a black box looking thing)

Next morning I go and turn on the A/C unit again. The condenser kicks in along with the fan (yay!). but after 30 minutes, I noticed no more cold air. I go back to the condenser to find the fan not turning anymore. I also notice the whole condenser unit GETS REAL HOT

I called a service tech out, and he advised that the fan motor needs to be replaced. He said I was putting a lot of STRAIN on the condenser because the motor isn't running. That's why the condenser was getting HOTT.

I almost think something more is wrong. What are your thoughts?

1. Did the gecko screw something up?
2. Did I fry the unit by that big SNAP?
3. Can a "bad" fan motor really cause this type of problem where the whole unit HEATS UP? (feels really hot when you touch the unit).

Before I have him do a $X00 repair to replace a GE condenser fan motor + dual capacitor, I want to make sure this is actually the problem. Sure there's the "pay and see" scenario, but I'd really like all of your advice. $X00 is a lot for me and I want to make sure he's not trying to make a quick buck. He spent all of 30 seconds diagnosing the problem without even opening the access to the capacitor area (I didn't tell him about the removed gecko).

sorry for the long post!!!!!

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- Carrier Condenser Unit Screwed?

Post by nomadpeo » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:36 am

sounds right. the only way your fan is going to run, then stop is the motor going south. however, i believe i would have tested the capacitor. given what you said about the lizard and the screwdriver, if the capacitor was not bad, it probably is now. he will need to do the repairs, then test the compressor. the heat suggests the compressor and its capacitor are working. when the motor fails, the heat has nowhere to go and will overload the compressor. the new motor will need a new capacitor, to replace the one which is part of the dual capacitor. in this case i would replace the dual capacitor as well. by the way, keep your tools and your hands out of the works !

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- Carrier Condenser Unit Screwed?

Post by heatseeker » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:45 am

T^he gecko screwed himself up pretty good. I find that all the time no big deal. As far as the fan motor goes change it cause if you don't you will be buying a new compressor, then you,ll really be crying in your soup.

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