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garage space

Post by reilly » Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:52 pm

We have a two car attached garage. It is unheated and used for parking cars only. We live in Ohio with lots of snow coming in on cars in winter. Last year we had some blown in insulation put in our walls. He only did the three external walls of the house and the two external walls of the garage. He did not insulate between the garage and the house. We are having that wall insulated this fall. So we are faced with a totally insulated garage with only the typical soffits and ridge vent. We had no problem with garage in past. Now it is like dead air, keeping in odors, paint on walls is flaking off. We were told that we either have to remove the insulation or put in some kind of ventilation system. Help.

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- garage space

Post by juster » Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:42 am

The insulation is keeping the garage much warmer, especial y noticeable in the summer. You could cut a hole in the ceiling and add an insulated access door that you could open in the summer and close in the winter. Some of these doors are spring loaded and you could only open slightly when needed or leave open for the summer or warm months. This would allow the warm air in the garage to rise into the roof area. If the soffits are set up and venting properly, convection will take care of the rest. It will still be warm in the garage in the summer but at least you will have some air movement. Having a small vent at a lower area will also help, or you could leave your garage door open a bit at the bottom. You most likely don’t want to do that. You could add powered ventilation but this would be more costly and not really needed.

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