warranty and installation

Problems related to residential installations.

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warranty and installation

Post by mikeroc88 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:28 pm

I am planning on installing my own Furnace, A-coil, and condenser. I am an electrician so purchasing these items may be tough. I have looked online and could go that way. Not being a licensed HVAC contractor it's hard to find someone to sell to me without gouging me on price. Has anyone dealt with online purchases and warranty issues? I spoke with one on line dealer and was told if a part goes bad mail it back and they will replace it if it is truly bad. Fine for small item not so good for say a motor or A- coil. How does it work at the local distributor. You go on a warranty call remove the bad part take it to the distributor who gives you a replacement part free of charge. What does the distributor do- bill Rheem for the warranty part, send the part back to Rheem for analysis? Before everyone tells me to have someone install it for me its not going to happen. I am certain most all HVAC mechanics can do a service change, recepticle installation, and most all residential electrical installations with a little research after all its not rocket science.

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- warranty and installation

Post by Freon » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:06 pm

Read the warranty that comes with each piece of equipment. Make sure that if you install that piece of equipment, you don't void the warranty.
Buying the equipment can be a challenge. It seems the HVAC wholesale shops like to keep the DIY people away. But for best results you need to establish a relationship with an HVAC wholesaler like Johnstone. Since you have an ongoing electrical business I would use that tax ID number and set up an account.

You will have to check any licensing requirements in order to get refrigerants. I know for R-22 you need an EPA license but since most new equipment uses R410, any license may be a manufacturer's requirement. Google "puron epa license" and read EPA Certification - R410A FAQ.

Once you have satisfied the manufacturer's warranty requirements and have an account at an HVAC supply house, any problems can be handled through the supply house or directly to the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have their own way to handle warranty claims.

Good luck.

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