safe to close registers?

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safe to close registers?

Post by S31Ender » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:53 am

Hello, I live in an apartment where the thermostat controls are located in a hallway with no baseboard registers and doesn't get much heat. The bedrooms have registers but it doesn't get out to the thermostat usually.
My roommate likes to wake up in the morning, stumble out into the hallway and crank the heat up as high as it goes, takes a shower, and then leaves......of course he doesn't turn the thermostat back down and thus, an hour or three later, it's 93+ degree's in my room (that's an actual number, not me exaggerating). Of course this is extremely uncomfortable. We live in Vermont and I'm not able to crack open a window of at night of course due to the extremely cold temperatures.

It's a water heating setup. The boiler is in the basement and sends the water through the pipes in the registers in the rooms.
I've discussed this problem with my roommate and my landlord. Roommate really just can't remember, and landlord has no desire to get involved in rectifying the situation (either by applying pressure on the roommate nor by actually correcting the issue of heat not getting to the thermostat. Nevermind that I did actually point out that he's losing a LOT of money in wasted electricity heating the water and moving the thermostat would be very cheap compared to not....). Winter is upon us and I'm preparing for a very uncomfortable several months of sleeping.

Someone suggested I can close the registers in my room so heat doesn't get to it easily. Is this safe? How many can I close? All of them? It's a small room and the dang things go all the way around. Really there's too much heating for the bedrooms in my opinion (even if this issue weren't occuring).

What are the safety concerns or whatnot if I closed off the vent covers to the registers containing the waterpipes/fins. Overheating issues? Firehazard? etc..

Thanks for any reply and help you guys might be able to give me. I'm having a really hard time sleeping and lease doesn't end until spring. (not to mention it seems insane to move just due to this)

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- safe to close registers?

Post by Freon » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:40 pm

Since you have a baseboard hot water system, you can close off the baseboard cover's top opening to prevent air from circulating through the finned tubing. Your room will stay cooler and this may be enough. The less air allowed to circulate through the baseboard, the less heat will be transferred into your room.

Another option is buy an simple programmable thermostat and set it to increase the temperature when your roommate awakes and then decrease the temperature an hour later.

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