Goodman GKS9 flame blowout

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Goodman GKS9 flame blowout

Post by sundial7 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:46 pm

The furnace is less then 2 years old and has done this since day one. On days where the temp is mabe 45F or 55F outside and the demand is very seldom, the furnace will come on as normal. The problem is the left hand burner has a flame that does not go into the tube all the way. Most of it does but it waivers and finally blows out only to reignite and make a slight boom noise. Sometimes the furnace will shut itself down only to come back on several minutes later. On cold days where the temp is 30F or less there is no problem. The left hand burner is the first one on the supply run. All 5 burners are aligned and seem to do just fine on colder days. Could this be a pressure problem?
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- Goodman GKS9 flame blowout

Post by Freon » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:08 pm

If you have the complete installation manual AND you are mechanically inclined, you might try disassembling the burners and see if there's not a spider web or other debris clogging the left burner orifice. BUT it's very important you know exactly how to reassemble the burners CORRECTLY or you risk an explosion. A technician can tell the exact pressure at the gas valve but since one burner is always fine, I doubt it's a pressure issue.

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