Tempstar heater will not stay on

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Tempstar heater will not stay on

Post by dan-nwp » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:41 pm

I have a Tempstar heater that will not stay on. N9MP2100J20A1.. The fan that pulls in outside air comes on, the pilot lights and the burners ignite. After a few moment the main blower starts. It operates fine for about a minute, maybe less and then the flame goes out. Every thing then cycles down in order as expected. It stays off for ten minutes or so then repeats the sequence. I have had the problem in the past and it was condensation buildup not allowing the fan to turn at full speed. But the condensation appears to be draining fine.

What I have checked.
Running the unit with the cover off so I know it is getting plenty of air so the intake is not blocked.
Disconnected the exhaust tube to verify it is not an exhaust problem.
Removed the drain hoses, verified they are clear, cleaned the trap it is flowing clear, see water running out.
Used a meter to verify the vacuum switches are closing when they should be.
Check the overheat switches I can see to verify they are not tripping.
Checked to make sure the main blower is running fine and there is no dust build up anywhere in the heat or AC heat exchangers.
My control board ST9160B does not have diagnostic lights at least I can't find one and there is not one blinking.

I feel like I am missing something simple. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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- Tempstar heater will not stay on

Post by Freon » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:28 pm

Possibly the problem happens once the furnace has warmed. I would start by TEMPORARILY jumping the inducer pressure switch(ES). Then work your way from safety switch to safety switch with a TEMPORARY jumper until you find the once causing the shutdown. Let us know what happens.

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- Tempstar heater will not stay on

Post by heatseeker » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:33 pm

could be faulty safety switch or reversed polarity, or even a inducer motor problem and for that matter a blower motor problem your gas vlv. might be faulty or the flame sensor. time to call a pro if you haven't fixed it yet.

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