Please Help, Tranquility 27 Low Voltage Problem

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Please Help, Tranquility 27 Low Voltage Problem

Postby skychasser » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:05 pm

We have a climatemaster tranquility 27. It's about six years old. Six ton. Over the fourth of July we started having probs with the compressor short cycling. Basically it would run for 5 minutes and shutoff. Since it was over 100 and we couldn't get anybody out to fix it, I googled up the problem... turned out to be a bad thermistor. Was told which one it was and I could bypass it to get it up and running. Problem is, while gone this past weekend the unit died. - All of the pre cycling things go through. Lights come on except for the one that goes to the comporessor. When it starts to come on, it blows the low voltage circuit breaker. Talked to a couple of local guys.. they thought it might be the controller. So I have replaced that one and nothing has changed. Can you please help us??? We're sleeping in the basement. Well over 90 upstairs. Thanks in advance. Paul
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