New thermostat w/heil heat pump & elec furnace

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New thermostat w/heil heat pump & elec furnace

Post by fastmatt42 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:12 pm

In our home we have an electric furnace. Heil model EF 08B 15 00A2, also a heat pump. Heil-Villager Series model HPS 024A2C2. We had an old thermostat until this summer when we came home one evening to find, not air conditioning, but heat. The old thermostat had malfunctioned and switched from cool to heat.I changed the thermostat to a Honeywell Model RTH 7400D.
Everything seemed to be fine until now that the nights are getting cold. It seemed that only the heat pump is working and that the furnace element is not coming on. I talked with a local heating/air guy. We went through the wiring diagram that I made before disconnecting the old thermostat, and examined both the old and new. Here is the only difference we can see. On the old thermostat the white wire was plugged into the W2. On the new thermostat, the w2 is on the conventional side. So, he had me connect the white into the AUX beside the E where the black wire is and run a jumper between the two. Now, it all seems the same. Like the furnace is not kicking on. Only the heat pump. So, now I'm wondering if, for one, is it wired correctly? And two, If it is wired correctly, do I need to change the programming and how?
Here is my wiring diagram from the old thermostat, which by the way, seems to work fine now. But, I don't trust it!
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The only wire in the bundle that was not used is Brown. It is loose at both the thermostat and out at the heat pump.
Please help me figure this out. I'm too skinny to get cold at night. Thank you in advance. Matt

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