Correct P/Ns ? for Induction Carrier Weathermaker 9200

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Correct P/Ns ? for Induction Carrier Weathermaker 9200

Post by petepdx » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:50 pm

The furnace is a Carrier Weathermaker 9200
Product 58MXA080----13112
Series 130
Serial Number 4397A01485 (the A maybe an 8)
Model 58MXA080-12

What is the correct part number (or usable part numbers) for the whole induction assembly ?

What is wrong with mine is the end play on the motor has gotten so bad it has caused the blower wheel
to crack and come separated from its bushing. I either want to get a new motor and blower wheel or
the whole assembly.

I have the opportunity to get a new 320725-753 or a 320725-755 for not much more then the cost of motor.

BTW what is the current part number for the blower wheel ? the one I have is 727?45 (can't make
out the 5th digit)


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- Correct P/Ns ? for Induction Carrier Weathermaker 9200

Post by Freon » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:06 pm

Your first stop is a Carrier dealer to get a price. I doubt there are any aftermarket assemblies. Then you can price the motor and blower wheel to see how much you'd save, if anything. You may be able to have a motor shop repair the motor. And blower wheels are easy to find individually.

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