How to program a TSTAT for heat pump with aux heat

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How to program a TSTAT for heat pump with aux heat

Postby jonatay325 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:28 pm

My setup includes a Lennox Heat Pump with auxillary heat. I have a single unit in a 2 story house, so I have 2 seperate Honeywell TH6220D thermostats with a Honeywell HZ322 TrueZONE that adjusts a damper for each zone (up and down stairs).

My question is how to program the thermostat. Here is what I was -

System - 5 2heat_1cool heat pump
Fan - 1 Electric Furnace
Heat Cycle - 3 For electric furnaces
Second stage Heat cycle - 1 for electric furnaces
Emergency Heat cycle - 1 For electric emergency heat
Compressor cycle - 3 Recommended
Second stage compressor cycle - 3 Recommended for most compressors

What I'm mostly now sure about are the cycle rates. I assume a low number means less times it will cycle during an hour. So would it be recommended for me to put the second stage and the emergency heat cycle rate to 1.?

Thanks for your help!

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- How to program a TSTAT for heat pump with aux heat

Postby Freon » Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:59 pm

You are correct about the cycles. They are the number of on and off cycles each hour.

I would experiment because it's about your comfort. Start with the default setting. If you find the house temperature swing (high to low temps) to great, increase the cycles per hour setting. That will give you a more uniform temperature. However the more cycles per hour the less efficient and more wear and tear on the equipment. So it's a compromise.
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