Weathermaker 8000 ignition problem

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Weathermaker 8000 ignition problem

Post by StrawDog » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:47 pm

I have a Weathermaker 8000, Model # 58zav096 -16. For the last week or so it has had intermittent ignition problems, sometimes it lights up, sometimes it fails.
When it fails the indicator light shows a 31 error. The manual -

PRESSURE SWITCH DID NOT CLOSE OR REOPENED - If open longer than five minutes, inducer shuts off for 15 minutes before retry. Check - - Excessive wind
- Proper vent sizing
- Defective inducer motor
- Low inducer voltage (115VAC)
- Defective pressure switch
- Inadequate combustion air supply
- Disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing
- Low inlet gas pressure (if LGPS used) - Restricted vent
If it opens during blower on-delay period, blower will come on for the selected blower off-delay.

Every time the furnace fails to light up, I find that the "Blocked Vent Safeguard Switch" has tripped. If I reset the switch, the furnace will fire up, then trip the switch again several hours later. None of the 6 causes above apply. I have taken the pressure switch out and it appears to work just fine. The furnace has not been serviced (cleaned) for 10 years.

Do I need to replace the "Blocked Vent Safeguard Switch" or what

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- Weathermaker 8000 ignition problem

Post by Freon » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:27 pm

How can you say none of the above 6 apply? Did you test the inducer motor air flow generation? Did you measure the voltage? Obviously something in the inducer/flue system is not right. My suggestion, since the furnace has not been serviced in 10 years, is have a company you trust come service your furnace. Possibly the inducer motor is old with worn bearings or the squirrel cage blower is filthy. You need to investigate to understand what is happening. At least you know the area to investigate further. Throwing parts at the problem without understanding it is a fine waste of money.

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