Help on Johnson Controls A419 w/Beacon Morris BRT105 wiring?

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Help on Johnson Controls A419 w/Beacon Morris BRT105 wiring?

Post by rpludwig » Mon Feb 03, 2014 7:52 am

new here, and from a quick look at this forum, you folks may have a solution to my problem.

Shop/cold weather application
Beacon Morris BRT105 propane (110BTU) heater
Installed w/Honeywell RTH2300B1012 thermostat by hvac contractor
All works well till temps go below freezing

Application is to heat the shop to mid 50's only when working, otherwise, shut down, no heat needed (save propane).

The installed stat has a LO of 32*, and then is inoperable and displays LO with fresh batteries, thus the heater cannot be turned on via the stat.

Several folks recommended a Johnson Controls A419 (24volt model) for this application since it is not affected by low temps and has a wide range of -30* to

Purchased and connected per instructions, pretty straight forward.
Terminals on heater are R (24v+), G and W1. Multimeter confirms 24vac from heater (R to ground and R to G).
Once connected to the A419 (R to T2, G to T1), energize the heater, the A419 shows alternating error code C03 then ambient temp, repeatedly, and heater does not turn on.

Setpoint is set at 50*, both jumpers are shorted per heat instructions.

Meter across T1 and T2 shows voltage drop to 14.5vac when energized, although 24vac is coming in.

Call to Johnson Controls cannot figure it out (although they have been quite helpful and patient), but indicate error code shows it's wired incorrectly...I have yet to contact Beacon Morris, however thought you experts may have been thru this b4 and have some insight.

Thanks in advance....great forum here!!!

Ron in WNY

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