Williams 1773512 NG not firing up

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Williams 1773512 NG not firing up

Post by zumtobel » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:20 am

I just installed a new Williams 1773512NG high efficiency electronic ignition direct vent wall furnace up at my other home 5 hours away from here. When the unit calls for the gas to fire, it won't get beyond the red light, i.e., the green light won't come on, which would be the case if the gas were ignited in the chamber.

Everything seems to work insofar as the startup procedure taking place * buttons pushed, red light for 40 * but when the red light goes out at which time the green light is then to come on, it doesn't and then returns to red. After that 40 seconds, it makes sounds as if it is asking for gas, but it just doesn't happen.

After trying this a few times, I turned off the gas and removed the flex line where it enters the heater. I was checking for some obstruction preventing the gas from entering. I at least did smell some gas but would have expected the escape to have been greater, i.e., more gas smell. The fact that I did smell gas after undoing the connection probably rules out an obstruction in the line even though I thought it should have smelled stronger.

Before trying the unit, I had to remove the double squirrel cage blower unit because of shipping one of the squirrel cages had become unbalanced.

Even though the blower unit is for summer cooling, I checked for the possibility that its being detached from the wiring harness is the cause of the green light not coming on and the unit firing. So I reconnected it to the harness, holding it as I tried again to start the heater. When I pushed the button for summer cooling, the blower unit came on. But still, the heater would not fire.

Another thought I've had. All in all, I believe I only tried to start the unit a total of 6 times. Now, since reading the installation instructions again, I see that the first lighting may be difficult because of air trapped in the gas line. Maybe I should have persisted, trying it a dozen more times.

I am sure it could be one of many things, but what is most likely the cause and where should I start looking?

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