Is my HVAC being installed wrong

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Is my HVAC being installed wrong

Post by homebuyer » Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:35 pm

I am having a new home built. The builder messed up and installed the the inside portion (gas furnace and evaporator unit) in the east side of the attic. The ref lines ran about 20'
to the east side exterior of the house. The outside/compressor unit is not yet installed.

We had contracted for the compressor unit to be situated on the west side. I pointed out the error. The contractor's "solution" was to rerout the refigerant lines up and over around the unit, up over the cathedral ceiling in the LR, and then down and to the correct location on the west side of the house, a distance they say is "just under 75'". They say "it passed inspection/code" and won't do anything else.

- 1) I've read this up then dowm from evaporator to compressor can damage the system. True? 2) Isn't this inefficient for the system? and 3) even if they agreed to move the interior unti to a better place, can the one there now be disassembled, removed, moved, reassembled and still work right and be under warranty?

I'm pretty worried.

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- Is my HVAC being installed wrong

Post by juster » Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:11 pm

Aside from the distance, having lines going over the cathedral ceiling is not to impressive. Hope they are insulated well. If they sweat and the insulation is not correct, they will leave wet marks and you will not have access to them afterwords.

If the contractor did not do as you had asked, they should be compensating you in some way. I would ask them to put the unit where you wanted it. If they are not going to do this, speak to them about extending the warranty and include repairs to other areas if required.

As for dis-assembly of the unit to move it, not sure where it is located but usually units can be moved. Of course this is easier during construction.

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- Is my HVAC being installed wrong

Post by nomadpeo » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:49 pm

i take it you want the condensing unit to be on the west side for one reason or another. suction line insulation and suction line diameter are the real issues. 75 ft is a long run, but it will still work. i would check with the manufacturer's recommendations on suction line size for that distance. they will need to know the model and serial of the air handler, evaporator coil and condensing unit to look up the match and the proper line size. if this was an inspected job, i'm sure the insulation on the suction line is 1 inch wall, so as long as the joints are butted and taped well, that should not be a problem. inspectors don't always verify correct line sizes and contractors don't always choose the correct size lines. if it is too small, you may lose some efficiency, though probably not much. can't say without knowing equipment specifics.

i was a little late reading this. what was your resolution to this problem ?

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