My HRV is not working. Help please

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My HRV is not working. Help please

Post by RalcoR » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:39 pm

I have a life breath 155max HRV that is no longer working.

When I purchased the home it worked just fine. Each bathroom in the house has the switches on the wall to turn the unit on but when they are pressed it does not turn on.

I'm not sure when it stopped working.

I installed a programmable thermostat a few months ago(Honeywell RTH7600). I'm not sure if this was when it stopped working or if it has anything to do with it. That is the only change that I have made to the heating or cooling system in the home.

Will a programmable thermostat cause the HRV to stop working?

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- My HRV is not working. Help please

Post by juster » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:55 pm

From what you describing these switches turn on this HRV. Any of these switches may be the problem. There may also may some kind of control on the HRV it self. Check the HRV for any control panel it may have. In some cases thermostats can be hooked up to HRV's. In your case, you have the possibility of a number of control devices that may be the problem. A suggestion - did you check the breaker that feeds the HRV? It may have inadvertently been turned off. Also check the HRV it self as they have an on/off switch on them as well. It is on?
If the power is on then you may need a tech to trouble shoot the problem.

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