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Hotdawg / Electric thermostat woes! Help?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:58 pm
by Jwernquist
Last year I Had a Hotdawg garage heater installed paired with a
500 gallon propane tank and an electronic thermostat.

I have programmed the thermostat to 50 degrees mon-sun morning afternoon and night. No matter how
I set the thermostat even if I override the current program the heater will just run and run until it gets 100+ degrees or
As hot as the garage can hold.

I've reset the thermostat installed new batteries and no matter what I cannot get the thermostat to
Run the given program whatsoever.

I had an Hvac guy out who came out said all is fine and charged me
150$ for cleaning Tylhe unit and a checkup.! He said all was fine.

Yet 2'hours after he left and reprogrammed it again it was 100 ddegrees Plus in there.

I at the peak of frustration and don't know where to go? Call another hvac guy for the same
Thing or buy a new thermostat or a manual
One. Looking for some tips and or advice here. Don't want to throw any more money away!

Just want a garage to sit between 50-60 degrees all the time and so far it's been impossible.

Last year when I installed the unit I never really used it except for short bursts so I don't know if this
Was the same last year as wwell?

Thanks in advance


- Hotdawg / Electric thermostat woes! Help?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:13 pm
by Jwernquist
Also the unit is a modine hot dawg 60. The thermostat is one purchased from typical home
Depot or something like that. 7 day a week on the minute temperature control.
New batteries and no codes showing up on the modine unit.

It just runs and runs and runs with no settings other then hEat on or off. Once you turn it on it starts up and lights no sweat but keeps
Burning on full blast. Even if you override or hold it to a lower setting . At the end here

Should i do away with the electronic thermostat and get the old school manual control or

Thanks guys