New Member - Humidifer Questions....

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New Member - Humidifer Questions....

Postby jjump » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:36 am

Hello All,

I am a new member, and have a couple humidifer install questions.

My first question has to do with location. The Aprilaire 600M shows that the ideal location is mounted with a 6" return duct from cold air return routed over to the humidifer, mounted on the hot air supply plenum.

For me to do this, I would have to re-route the pvc fresh air and exhaust, due to location, and my second issue with this is that it would seem to me that return cold air is by passing the electronic air cleaner, going through the humidifer, and back into the hot air supply. Being that we have pet, and some allergies,the reason I invested in the EAC was to filter all of this, and now I am introducing it back into the system...

Is this normal, and does it cause any issues with dirty air?

At my last house, I had a humidifer installed, and the installtion had the 6" ductwork and the humidifer itself, all on the cold air retun, can you do it this way? if so, this would be best for me, it would clear up the space I need, and the humidified air would be passing through the EAC, eliminating any by-pass. but does this dry up the humidifes air passing through the heat?

Second question, my furnace board has a spot for the humidifer labled HUM, I believe this is a 24v connection, but I will test it first, but where do I connect the other wire? The Aprilaire directions state to use of a current sensing relay (if required), to a ground.

I believe that if my furnace has the HUM connection, I just need to find a common ground (24v) for the second wire, and that I do not need the transformer, for I am using the furnace HUM which is only on when the blower is on, and if I am not using the transformer, I do not need the current sensing relay correct?

Thanks in advance.....

Justin in Pittsburgh
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- New Member - Humidifer Questions....

Postby hvacman77 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:51 pm

Also, in situations where the humidifier can not be mounted, talk to your customer about getting a steam humidifier with a remote mounted steam hose.. Much better humidifier, and easier in tight situations... Honeywell True Steam is good, but make sure you dont have hard water.. If you do, get the reverse osmosis filter for it.
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- New Member - Humidifer Questions....

Postby Heating UP » Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:45 am

I have never used the steam humidifiers. After doing some research, I believe I will start promoting the steam humidifiers. What level of honey well filters does the honey well steam humidifiers require? Is a water softener sufficient to fix the hard water issue, or is a filter required?
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