Baystat239 to a Lux TX1500E wiring

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Baystat239 to a Lux TX1500E wiring

Post by imthatjeremyguy » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:13 am

I'm going from a Baystat239 Thermo to a new digital Lux TX1500E Thermo and am having issues with the wiring.

The wiring for the Baystat -
R - 24 volt hot
Y - Compressor
O - Switch-over valve on heat pump
G - Blower
T - Thermistor
W - Heat
X2 - Auxiliary heat during defrost
B - 24 volt common
F - Fault light (no wire)
U - Utility light (no wire)

Which of these wires goes where on the Lux TX1500E? A few are obvious, however the rest have me confused. There is a jumper between RH/RC and manual states to only use either O or B. Seems no matter which ways I've attempted the unit never comes on besides the blower.

G * Blower
RH * ?
RC * ?
Y * Compressor
W * Heat
O * ?
B * ?
C * ?

How should the wiring from the Baystat transfer over to the Lux?


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