safety issue?

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safety issue?

Post by concerned » Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:19 pm

We are renting a home that is two construction site trailors put together to form a double wide.On the back of each half there are HVAC units attached hanging from the roofs (very old). The units are outside of two bedrooms. The only return vents are the ones in the bed rooms where the unit is attached to the walls.When the AC guy comes by to work on the units all he has to do is remove the "return" vents from our bedroom walls to actually get inside the unit to work on them.When the units come on they suck our bedroom doors open.We keep our thermostats (one digital for each unit) set on 75 but our home never gets below 83 degrees until about 8pm in the evening with both units running and they never kick off. The land lord and AC guy tell us EACH of these units are enough to cool 3000 sq ft. So 6000 sq ft. Obviously our home is no where near that large. My biggest question would be is this a "legal" setup for a home? I don't trust that one of these things aren't going to catch on fire and hurt my family. We signed a lease but with my safety concerns and the fact that my electric bill is 400.00 a month (yes 400.00) I just don't know what to do.I like it here but I am just wondering if I am over reacting and if this whole setup is safe for my family. I live in NC and wonder if this is up to code here.

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- safety issue?

Post by heatseeker » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:35 am

sounds like an illegal rental to me but I am not a lawyer. Two construction trailers put together to make a rental house that's pretty crazy. $400.00 a mth sounds like that is as much as your rent, How are the other utilities in the house like the plumbing and electrical?

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