Condenser Fan Problems

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Condenser Fan Problems

Post by HarryB » Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:10 pm

Can someone help me determine why the condenser fan on my 22 year old Trane XE 1000 heat pump either failed to start, or stopped running during a cooling cycle while I was away, but now seems to run normally? I doubt it repaired itself...

The - A couple of days ago we returned from a three week out of state trip to find the temperature inside the house at 98 degrees and hot air blowing out of the registers. When I went outside I found the compressor was running but the condenser fan was not. I turned the system off and unloaded the vehicle. A few hours later I turned the system back on and the situation was the - compressor running but not the fan. The fan motor, however, was not seized.

The next morning I turned the system on, but this time the fan ran and the system cooled the house normally. I have now started the system 6 or 7 times and let it run for a couple of hours at a time, and each time the fan runs, although sometimes there is a delay of a few seconds during which I hear a humming sound before the fan begins to turn.

A couple of - The power company replaced our electric meter while we were gone, but I'm assuming that them turning off the power to the house would not have caused any problems for the heat pump because we regularly have power interruptions due to our almost daily summer thunderstorms.

Also, a few weeks prior to our leaving, I would occasionally notice a burnt electrical insulation type of odor when the heat pump was running. However, when I would walk over to the unit, I was unable to detect any odor near it and assumed the odor came from neighbors who sometimes burn their trash. And I have not smelled it since we came home. But, it might have come from the heat pump.

I have reason to believe that the system ran for quite a while without the condenser fan running because it appears we have used at least double our normal amount of electricity for this time of the year while we were gone. Could the system have been damaged by running without the condenser fan turning? IOW, even if I can figure out the problem with the condenser fan, am I going to have to replace the unit soon?


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- Condenser Fan Problems

Post by juster » Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:27 am

Sounds like your fan motor is going, 22 years I would say you got your monies worth. It owes you nothing. If you are changing the unit shortly then, then do it sooner than later as that fan will not last long and you will have a service call to replace it soon.

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- Condenser Fan Problems

Post by heatseeker » Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:57 am

replace it replace it now

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