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- satic pressure tranducer

Postby juniorkarrie » Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:12 pm

I worked on 35 ton Trane Intellipak just the other day, and in this instance the Humidity control was controlled in one of two places. First the thermostat was programmed for humidity control with fan variations. Second there was seperate a Humidty control sensor located in the Return air Just before the Blower Assembly. As far as the Static Pressure Tranducer, well if it was factory installed, then your sensor should at the supply air veins past the Evap, Heat Exc, or Strips. If The Static pressure tranducer was not factory installed Then contact the Tech of startup and installation or the Duct design engineer beacause only they can tell you depending what perticullar duct there running placement might have been key. Hope this helps you.
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