Brewpub seeking ventilation answers

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Brewpub seeking ventilation answers

Post by SnallygasterBrewing » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:22 pm

Hi, everyone. A couple business partners and I are looking to open a small brewpub in Western Maryland, and we're currently in the process of seeking bids from equipment manufacturers. The company we're interested in going with provided us with a utility spec sheet that has the equipment broken down for us to see what kinds of things we'll need to take care of for installation.

The brewhouse includes a 200,000 BTU burner, which we would use to heat water as well as boil the wort (unfermented beer). Total use of the burner on a brewday could be as much as 3 or 4 hours -- maybe more. Under the HVAC section for the utility spec sheet, the brewhouse would need an exhaust fan placed above it as well as some capacity for make up air. There would also be a steam vent used to move the steam created from boiling the wort. I've been in touch with the manufacturer, but I wanted to get as much advice on this as I - how extensive would a system for something like this be? I know state/local code would play a role, too, but I'd like to know what solutions to similar situations may look like.

If there's more information that might be needed, ask away. Also, if this is something that would require some kind of on-site evaluation, let me know if you all have any recommendations for licensed people out thisaways.

Thanks for any help you all can offer! I really appreciate it.

- Steve

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- Brewpub seeking ventilation answers

Post by 4ftBanger » Wed May 04, 2011 6:07 pm

i would expect you would look at several independent but integrated systems -

First I'd recommend a comfort cooling system to handle the general heating/cooling load when none of the brewing equipment is operating. ( I assume this is not a 24/7 operation of course) Possibly multi stage to handle the additional load of the equipment when it is operating.

Second, a steam vent and exhaust system to handle all of the undesirable contaminants in the process

Obviously if you have an exhaust system for the products of brewing, I'd think a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) system to condition the make up air needed by the exhaust.

and finally (and optionally) maybe an "air scrubber" system (we use airmation products) to get rid of harmful or unpleasant air quality issues.

I would hope you have a mechanical engineer you are working with. We have a captive Mechanical Engineer at our Supplier/Rep facility who helps us immensely with some of these unusual circumstances. Although we don't directly serve your area we (and our local rep) are based out of the tidewater VA area and would be happy to help.
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