Electric furnace cycling on and off...

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Electric furnace cycling on and off...

Post by helpmeplease » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:42 pm

Have an electric mobile home furnace, has the wire coil heating element not the white rods, when turned on it comes on for 10min or so, then begins cycling thru a constant, off then back on, until of course the t-stat temp gets met and turns it off.
I have so - made sure it is not a filter or air flow issue which would cause the elements to get hotter than usual and heat sensor to kick it off, then once cooled off enough it would kick back on. Changed a relay which historically has gone bad often enough we have always kept a spare just in case, wasn't that. Verified voltage coming to and supplying furnace at service breaker. Verified was not fan capacitor, due to fan will stay running in fan "on" mode and heating elements still cycle thru the off/on cycling thing.
I'm not sure how to test this little sensor. Have checked continuity, which it has when cool, and when furnace inappropriately kicks off prematurely, which makes me assume its working as should.
Need further help or ideas if anyone has some. Besides throwing it out and buying new, that would already be on the wish but can't afford list.

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