heat pump problem

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- heat pump problem

Post by senick » Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:54 pm

How about the outdoor TXV? I might see if thats the problem.

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- heat pump problem

Post by nomadpeo » Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:55 am

you said it cools well. verify all your readings (sc,sh,d-t,sp,dp) cool mode if you can. the indoor coil is rejecting the heat in heat mode. if airflow is the issue and you don't have an airflow issue in cooling mode, then perhaps your variable speed unit needs to be checked to see if your dip switches are set properly for airflow in heat mode. if the freon level is wrong, it should affect performance in both modes.

since 410-a pressures are so much higher than 22 numbers, those who charged by pressure rules of thumb are finding they have no reference and are guessing. those who know that temperature numbers (sc, sh) are the real gauges of performance, can tune the system without relying on pressure references. while the 'look' of the gauges can give you a snapshot indication of some problems, pressures alone are not dependable because there are too many variables that change those numbers (od amb, id temp, etc).

if you have high discharge pressure in cooling and heating mode, you have overcharge, airflow issue or possibly noncondensables.

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