Heat Pump Problems

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Heat Pump Problems

Post by Viper » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:19 pm

I have a Goodman 4 ton Heat Pump that work up until Friday when I had to resort using the back up electric heat-strip not because the outdoor temps fell to low but because the compressor would not run. I have a White Rodgers 1F95-391 thermostat. When set for cooling the compressor starts but when put into heating the emergency heat strip turns on. This setting use to be the heat pump heat setting. I would need to push the system button and toggle through the menu until I reach the emergency heat strip to turn on and it would say in the display it was in the emergency mode. Now in the menu of the thermostat I do not have emergency heat in the menu.

For the last few days I have had to heat the house using the emergency heat-strip. Thinking that the reversing valve had stuck in the cooling position I decided to remove the thermostat and place jumpers from R to Y1 and B. The compressor started up and the reversing valve went into the heating cycle heating my home, but the heat-strip also started up as I had an AMP meter on the wiring to the heat-strip. I then removed the feed wires to the heat-strip to make sure the heat pump had reversed into the heating cycle of which it did.

I am confused as what is going on... Anyone have an idea? One thing I am certain of is the reversing valve is working. I am thinking that the board in air handler has gone bad due to when I did jumper out the thermostat and the heat-strip turned on as well. Maybe the heat-strip has always ran or it runs to assist the heat pump until a set time and then turns off. I am testing that theory right now...

I may add this entire setup, Goodman heat pump and the White Rodger 1F95-391 has worked for 6 years without a problem.

- The heat-strip started out at 44.7 AMPS and now has dropped down to 22.8 AMPS while the evap is hot as hell because the compressor is running.

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