Zone Valve End Switch fall off

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Zone Valve End Switch fall off

Post by wurkin4it » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:33 pm

I have Honeywell V8043F zone valves (3) installed with a Weil-McLain CGa-6 boiler. The problem that I am experiencing is the valve motors respond to the thermostat control request, but stop driving as soon as the end switch is made. This causes the end switch to shut off the signal to the circulator and gas valve, or it will oscillate at the end switch contact point and cause the relay to snap on and off.
If I disconnect the end switch, the valve motors will drive to the "full-open" position and hold as they should.
Could this be a wiring problem, a transformer or relay problem (the relay has been replaced this year)
Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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