Erie Pop Top Actuator HELP!

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Erie Pop Top Actuator HELP!

Postby raysee97 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:17 pm

I came home to no heat today and the boiler is working fine. I have a hydro air system with a trane air handler and an energy kinetics system 2000 boiler. I get my hot water and heat from the boiler. Since I have hot water I assumed it was not the boiler. The air handling system is running but blowing cold. I checked the thermostats and they are all set to heat. I followed the pipe from the boiler to the air handler and it was piping hot near the boiler but cold on the other side of this erie pop top actuator AG13A030. There is a manual slide swith on the side of it and I slid it back into the locked position and got heat instantly. Is it OK to leave it like this overnight??? The Actuator is buzzing!!

I am having problems getting a qualified service company for this system and I am hoping to get someone in tomorrow for service. I live in NY and it is expected to be below freezing.

Advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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- Erie Pop Top Actuator HELP!

Postby nomadpeo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:01 am

you should contact the manufacturer to refer a service rep. if it is a malfunctioning valve or actuator, a good commercial hvac company should be able to halp you.
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