Nordyne Q5RF & Honeywell TH8000 thermostat settings

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Nordyne Q5RF & Honeywell TH8000 thermostat settings

Post by 4furus » Fri May 13, 2011 8:13 pm

Thanks in advance to any support. I recently purchased a Frigidaire (Nordyne) 2 ton heatpump. The literature tells me this has 2-stage cooling. At installation there was a lot of trouble with a fuse blowing and the problem was identified as a Honeywell thermostat. So the installer (very reputable in my town) upgraded me to my current TH8000 series and the issues were gone. Until that is the heat arrived and I began using the cooling feature. The new problem that arose was the heatpump would cycle for a while than the compressor would not activate but the fan would run. The installer corrected a setting in the thermostate. He set to thermostate "system type" setting to "2 heat/1 cool heat pump (with aux heat)" and that seems to have fixed the issue.

My concern is that the setting used to be "3 heat/2 cool heat pump (with aux heat)".

My question - With the new setting on the thermostat is the heat pump not using the two stage feature anymore and consequently not as efficient? I am glad to have airconditioning again but I paid for efficiency and expect to get it.

Thanks again.

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