Furnace Filters and Duct Cleaning

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Furnace Filters and Duct Cleaning

Post by nhoj » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:55 am

I am looking for the best place to buy a case of Furnace Filters on-line at the very best price that one can find. I use a 16" X 25" X 4" filter. What would be the best MARV to get? Since we do not smoke. Yes we do have a cat and dog. Would a Marv 13 be good or a MARV 11?

I also have a Filter that goes on a De humidifier that is a 151/2" X 191/2" X 13/4" and it has FME 40 Filter on it.

My house was built in 1973 and my ducts have never been clean, is it a good ideal to have them cleaned before the Heating Season begins? I have a Gas Forced Furnace.

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- Furnace Filters and Duct Cleaning

Post by Pinto02 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:03 am

Hi all, Many individuals use the inexpensive non reusable grp heater narrow considering they are getting excellent value for their cash. The actuality is that these narrow are next to ineffective because they don't eliminate enough dirt from the air to create much of a change.There is increased value in using one of the more powerful versions of heater narrow available and there are many to select from, starting with the most widely used pleated heater narrow to some of the smaller known specialised narrow widely used in many residences. Thank you.

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- Furnace Filters and Duct Cleaning

Post by how » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:18 pm

A temp rise test on your heating system will tell you if you need to be careful about restricting the air flow with filters that might be too restrictive for your heating system. Place a thin thermometer in a 1/8 hole in the plenum just beyond the sight range of the heat exchanger. Run the furnace for 10 minutes and take the temp of that thermometer and deduct from that measurement the present room temp to get the temp rise of your furnace. In your furnace is the recommended temp rise range on your rating plate. Your rise should be in the middle of that range.


Most of my customers don't notice the difference between a 1" skinny filter and a 4" unless they have a medical condition related to dust. Allergies/ asthma/ emphysema/ environmental disease/ etc. The same goes for duct cleaning. What ever filtering system you use, it only works effectively when its clean so change it regularly if you are sensitive to dust.

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