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Tell us your tips on saving energy and reducing HVAC costs.

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Post by EdCatanzaro » Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:28 pm

I was reviewing the energy conservation measure category on this site and determined that I would share one of our projects with you all. We were contacted by a new client that complained of excessive energy being consumed by their facility. This facility has 317,000 square feet of conditioned space, eighty five rooftop package DX systems totaling 1625 tons. Ancillary equipment consists of two 125 HP air compressors and one 60 ho vacuum system. The energy management system is nothing more than a glorified time clock and manages to use all of the energy it is supposed to be managing.
Instantly we requested 12 months of utility bills and developed an Energy Star Benchmark. This facility graded very poorly which subsequently necessitated a conference with the client. During this meeting we performed a walk through audit (Ashrae Level 1). The results of this developed the true cost of energy to be 1.1 million dollars annually. Immediately our professional energy conservation team developed the program which consisted of the -
Remove all eighty five rooftop units from the roof and grind them up into very small pieces for recycling.
Strip the roof and install a new Cool Roof System rated at an insulating value of R-21 (existing was rated at R-4).
Design, furnish and install a new chilled water HVAC system consisting of ground mounted air handlers delivering conditioned air into the facility through the exterior walls and distributed by Air Sock.
Design furnish and install a completely new lighting package consisting of LED systems only.
Design furnish and install new 100 hp variable speed air compressor system and a new 50hp variable speed vacuum system.
Design furnish and install a grid tied interactive 2.7 MW solar array system which will provide free electrical power and create the first industrial Net Zero facility in the U.S.
The idea to replace the roof, rework the lighting technology and redesign the HVAC system with fully automated controls reduced the building load from 1625 tons to 480 tons!
Not let this be the icing on the cake we are financing this project completely. We have reduced the electrical costs from 80 tom 90K a month down to approx. 700 dollars a month!
*=**]Now the icing!*/**/*
We have incorporated this facility into an Energy Star Certified Net Zero facility, qualified for LEED Platinum status, Became a partner with the U.S. Department of Energy Commercial Building Alliance that qualifies this project for $1.80 per square foot tax deduction for our efforts in developing a energy retrofit that reduces more than 50% of the cooling and heating requirements of the building.

In addition to that through the DOE we have qualified this project for 30% rebates for the cost of the roofing system and the solar system effective immediately. We are formulating a state initiative for a partial grant for these developments and are scheduled to begin construction within 60 days. Another benefit is there was no cost to the client! We financed this fully and through the excellent work of our incentive department additional alternative means of securing funds was very successful.

Now that's Energy Conservation GreEnergy Engineered style!

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Post by juster » Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:55 pm

Please keep us up to date on all your projects.

Many thanks for your input.

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Post by heatseeker » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:49 am

Yea and I got some beach property in arizona for sale. You talk as though the project is done already. Give the building name so i can research it. I don't believe this dream for a minute. How does a solar panel work in the rain? It doesn't. Who will do the BAS? Chillers? A chiller that only uses say 400.00 bucks of electricity a month. Sounds like a window unit.

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