New install - which brand do I go for?

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New install - which brand do I go for?

Post by visin » Wed May 02, 2012 8:34 pm

I am looking to put in a new condensor and coil but keep the furnance as it seems the furnance is fine.
I am migrating from R22 to 410 which they told me is the new standard. I have been told that the old standard of freon is getting more expensive and also they will phase it out.

This is for a house of 2300 sq feet in the DFW Texas area.
My question is which brand do I go with? i dont want to spend too much so I think 13 seer is enough , mudget is no more than $4K
Goodman? Trane? Lenox?
which one is the best and why? Please give me your honest opinion. Thank you.

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