A/C with Humidifier Control

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A/C with Humidifier Control

Post by jmasterj » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:32 pm

Hey guys... quick question... I was about to install a new simple electronic Honeywell thermostat to replace my really old manual one, and someone told me that if I also have a de-humidifier controller above the thermostat, I cannot just install the new one and expect it to work, that he will have to go up and disengage the de-humidifier from the a/c unit on the roof.

I heard that u only really need the de-humidifier if u go on long trips and u dont want to waste too much electricity leaving the a/c on full.

So my question is, does this all seem right, or is there a way to still keep that humidity controller active with my current new thermostat?

Here is the thermostat I just got from amazon if it -

Honeywell RTH221B Basic Programmable Thermostat


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