Oil fired boiler setup with Fyrite Tech 50

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Oil fired boiler setup with Fyrite Tech 50

Post by takoateli » Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:52 am

I just bought a Fyrite Tech 50 and am using it on an older Burnam oil fired boiler which has a newish Beckett burner installed. I get visible smoke unless I have about 18% or more excess air which yields about 84% efficiency. I can get up to about 85.5% efficiency with about a #3 smoke.

My understanding is one can tune for higher flame efficiency which results in more smoke which will soot up the boiler decreasing heat transfer efficiency which greatly reduces overall efficiency. It sounds like going for zero smoke is the way to go.

Do my numbers and thinking sound about right?


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- Oil fired boiler setup with Fyrite Tech 50

Post by Freon » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:13 pm

Your reasoning is sound. Go for less smoke and don't worry about the O2 or CO2. However.... the conditions in the boiler room, (home basement usually) can change. Depending on the time of year you do the tests you may have far more humid air being used for combustion than the air in mid February. Since the run time in February will be the highest, I suggest you do your smoke testing then, if possible. But sooting the heat exchanger will cost you more overall (not just combustion) efficiency than having the highest combustion efficiency.

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