Installing new thermostat, wiring question.

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Installing new thermostat, wiring question.

Post by afairchild101 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:26 pm

Im switching from an old honeywell to a new one, the new one is the RTH7600D. Here is a picture of how the old one was -


The wires aren't labeled at all so I just wired the new one the same way. Here's a picture of the new one how I wired -


I called honeywell customer service and they told me how to program the thermostat since I have a heat pump. Nothing is turning on when I turn it to heat, its 65 in here and I'm putting it on 70 and hold.

Did I wire it wrong?
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Additional Details
C is connected to a blue wire
G - Green
Y - Yellow
O/B - Orange
R - Red
Aux - white

That's how the new thermostat is set up.

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- Installing new thermostat, wiring question.

Post by Freon » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:57 pm

Do not use dashes or question marks in the posts. Post the make and model of the heat pump.

Check at the indoor air handler and verify the same colored wires are connected to the same letter designated terminals on the air handler control board as are connected at the thermostat... blue is at C, green is at G, etc

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