Heat Exchanger Issue, Need Help or Info

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Heat Exchanger Issue, Need Help or Info

Post by melmark1 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:43 am

I have a Carrier Model # 48GS-024060301 Serial # 4003G50764 . This unit was purchased in February 2004. Last fall during my winter maintenance check the tech found a hole in the Heat Exchanger the diameter of a pencil eraser. They did no further checks after this, closed up the unit and left calling me back the next day with a quote of somewhere around $1100.00+ to replace the Heat Exchanger. I did not find out until yesterday that there is a 10 year warranty on this Heat Exchanger and this was verified in my original documentation. This is the 2nd unit I have purchased from this company the first being in 1991 when I built this home. I have been a loyal customer ever since shelling out upwards of $140.00 a year for maintenance contracts.
My question is, except the chase of the almighty dollar, is there any other reason why this warranty was not mentioned last October when they found the hole ?

Thanks for any feedback or information.

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- Heat Exchanger Issue, Need Help or Info

Post by Freon » Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:50 am

First, make sure you see the hole if and when they replace the heat exchanger. A reputable company would have looked at the manufacture date of the furnace and checked to see if the warranty applied. Usually the warranty only covers the parts, not the labor. You might send the bill for the new heat exchanger replacement to Carrier and request reimbursement for the heat exchanger part itself. As I say, but double check, the labor part of warranty work is usually not covered.

If the work has not been done yet, call the company and refresh their memory about the warranty. Sometimes as consumers, we have to be responsible when we buy equipment and understand exactly what we have purchased. It's usually disclosed in the owner's manual. Also, many people review warranty policies for various companies before deciding on what equipment to buy.

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