Insulation falling on air filter

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Insulation falling on air filter

Post by learning » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:21 pm

I just had a sure comfort furnace installed in Oct. 2012. It immediately starting running every 5 min. approx. The house is 2000 sq. ft. Only 1/2 the house is getting heat. Then I noticed insulation on the air filter. And can feel air leaks around some of the PVC pipes near the ceiling. I contacted the contractor, he came out and didn't inspect anything, and he refused to admit anything was wrong. And just left yelling at me. The county inspector came out after these problems and said some of the gas pipes leading to the gas line need to be upgraded, which is scheduled to be done. The major problem now is my gas bill is $20 more every month, I had a second opinion as to assess the other problems. And the second HVAC tech said the furnace needs to be upgraded. There is a crack in the cold air duct return system, and said it is running approx every eight min. The second HVAC tech also said I got a single stage furnace and need a double stage one. I did'nt get a digital themostat(still have murcury) I requested or a humdifier. He took the original estimate he wrote, and won't give it back. He also charged me for 8 hours of work that he was'nt here for. How can I resolve this or get my money back and get a proper furnace. I can't believe this is happening.

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- Insulation falling on air filter

Post by Freon » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:48 pm

I am sorry to read about your problems. But they can be fixed and it will keep your blood pressure lower not to have to deal with the questionable HVAC company who installed the system.

The air leak in the cold air return duct is easily fixed with duct tape. You can use the expanding foam insulation in a can to fill voids around pipes and stop air infiltration. A single stage system is very adequate unless you want to spend big bucks on a double stage... I wouldn't.

The cycling is a big problem and you need to check where the thermostat is located in the house. If it's by a drafty window that's one problem. Also I have a feeling the thermostat anticipation setting is wrong and that's why it cycles so much. Set the thermostat anticipation for the longest cycle possible. Maybe it's time for a new thermostat.

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