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honeywellR7284 1004u

Post by danapkase » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:07 am

I have a direct vent oil fired boiler and it's had problems forever..I had the pump, transformer, and primary control replaced..When the so called technician worked on it, he stuck a screw driver in the aquastat to bypass a relay in it to make the boiler fire..It did fire, but the aquastat failed about a week later..I could see that the board was burned/damaged right where he stuck a screw driver into it..So I replaced the aquastat.. Ever since then, the boiler always fires and doesn't miss fire at all..The problem is that there is a blower which runs to purge the flexible vent prior to combustion in the blast tube, but there is no blower fan delay which I call post purge..This has resulted in the welded together boiler body splitting in the front where the Becket Af2 mounts..Well I had that welded recently, but the weld has turned black already and it is starting to crack again..I'm convinced that a 30 second blower fan delay would cure this problem after the nozzle shuts off and the flame goes out..This R7284 should be easy to program..It has an up arrow button, a down arrow button, and an i button..I've been told that if I hold all 3 buttons down simultaneously for about 5 seconds, I should be able to get to an installer menu and should be able to program a blower fan delay in 15 second increments..I can't seem to pull up this installer menu to do this..Is there anything I am missing?? I just want to get through this winter with this darn thing..I am buying a 500 gallon propane tank and a direct vent lp boiler next summer so I don't have to go through this anymore..Thanks Dana

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- honeywellR7284 1004u

Post by Freon » Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:38 pm

I would start by finding the installation instructions for your boiler. If you are having to weld the boiler body then something is seriously wrong...either a bad installation, faulty boiler section construction or possibly the wrong nozzle for the burner. Welding cast iron is very difficult so that solution will not be effective long term.

You didn't mention the boiler's age. Is the original installer around? You need a company who sells/services your specific boiler to come investigate. I have never heard of post purging an oil fired boiler but then I may be too old.

To program the R7284 control, go to the Honeywell web site and get the installation manual. However again you might do well to have someone familiar with the control help.

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