Repeat Cycling of Goodman/Janitrol Furnace

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Repeat Cycling of Goodman/Janitrol Furnace

Post by RaymondTJackson » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:43 am

My Janitrol furnace repeatedly cycles when trying to ignite. I have changed the flame sensor, changed out the motherboard and checked out the tube that operates the pressure switch. Nothing gives to a solution and this has been going on for years. This year, I switched the burner under the flame sensor with one in the middle and that seemed to help. It somewhat improved, but it still seems to be falling into the same pattern slowly and surely, and has faulted at least once. I took a couple of videos and posted them for anyone who might want to take a look/see. They are here-> *.*/s/lne4hpc2f130h60/MVI_0050.AVI and here -> *.*/s/zei050odkt7jig2/MVI_0052.AVI . Thanks is advance.

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- Repeat Cycling of Goodman/Janitrol Furnace

Post by Freon » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:46 pm

Great video.

First, if the inducer fan is making that much noise I would be ready to find a replacement by next heating season.

From the video it appears like the flames are being blown out by too much draft. The ignitor works fine and the first burner lights perfectly. I would check the whole manifold especially the individual nozzles. Look for any spider webs or other crud impeding gas flow. Listen to the gas valve to make certain there's no "chatter" caused by the valve not completely opening.

You might also play with the air adjustments on each burner. MARK THEM where they now are. Then try closing one a little and see if the flame is more stable. Too much air can blow out the flame.

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