small puff of flame at the gas orifice during ignition

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small puff of flame at the gas orifice during ignition

Post by michael77 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:47 am

I have a ICG/Keeprite furnace #HCA090L, high efficiency, mfg 1984, input 90 btu, output 83.7 btu.
The furnace is natural gas has an electronic spark ignition and is still operating just fine but I am noticing a small puff of flame near the gas
nozzle/orifice during ignition making a popping sound, the flame lasts 2-3 seconds....the small flame and popping noise are only present when the pilot/ spark ignition clicks in (2-3 seconds)...disappears once main burner ignites....The gas nozzle/orifice is centered at the opening of the long 2
-3" dia. round burner shaft...There is only one main long burner with a cap spreader type of orifice on the
main flame end of the burner....I am suspecting the pipe dope around the gas nozzle/orifice has
dried up thru time...I will try to re-dope the fitting of the gas nozzle/orifice....I have been advised this could be a flashback symptom but also could this be a
pre-ignition/timing problem?....Any info, suggestions would be appreciated...thanks

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- small puff of flame at the gas orifice during ignition

Post by Freon » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:16 am

I would carefully clean the area where you're seeing the puff. And be very careful what type of pipe dope you use. You really shouldn't need any. Check the whole combustion chamner for any debris that could affect air circulation during ignition. Since it's an 1984 furnace, have you had the physical integrity of the heat exchanger checked?

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